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Terms & Conditions

1. By making payment for your order, you thereby agree to:

Provide Career Consulting & Solutions Ltd with personal and professional information including Career history, contact details and Education / Certifications and any other information requested by Career Consulting & Solutions Ltd for the sole purpose of CV Writing and / Consultation services. Please note: All payment is to be made in full and in advance through Bank Transfer or for those outside of the UK this can be made via the online payment provided by PayPal. No part payment is accepted for our services and neither will we enter any discount negotiations. 


2. CV Writing Specific Terms and Conditions 

2.1 Turnaround Time:

We will, upon receipt of your payment, ensure that the service you have requested meets your requirements. The CV Writing turnaround is 5 - 7 working days from the time payment is received. All turnaround times relate only to standard Monday – Friday working days and exclude weekends and Bank Holidays or Formal Holiday Periods. At the point that we have the information required and payment has been made, we will professionally write your CV and Cover Letter and email you a good as done copy.  If you require any alterations to your CV you will need to advise us within 10-days of email; we will make any necessary adjustments until you are completely satisfied with your CV or other professionally written service. Once completed, or if we do not hear from you within the 28-days, we will mark the order as fully completed.  We will make any minor adjustments to your CV free of charge for a period of 1 month after your order completes, (personal details and/or additional qualifications only). If you require your work history to be amended in any way then this will incur an additional charge; a quotation will be provided based on your requirements at the time.


2.2. Cancellations & Refunds:

Services provided by Career Consulting & Solutions Ltd fall under the under the Distance Selling Regulations. “The supply of services and personalised goods, as outlined in Distance Selling Regulations 13, “the consumer will not have the right to cancel the contract by giving notice of cancellation pursuant to regulation 10”, 13:1A and 13:1C in respect of contracts for the supply of services if the performance of the contract has begun with the consumer’s agreement; before the end of the cancellation period.” Therefore, once CV writing has commenced – no refund will be issued. 


2.3. Delivery Format:
When working on your documents, we will provide files in a Microsoft Word format. If requested a PDF format will be sent. We cannot be held liable for incompatibility issues with your individual computer set-up although we do aid as best as we are able in resolving any such issues and will provide alternative, more suitable formats if we are able to do so. However, it should be noted that IT support is out of our field of expertise and if we are unable to agree upon a resolution, then the user will need to seek appropriate professional IT support at their expense. Please note; we do not create editable documents in Apple Pages, Google Docs, or any other editable format other than Microsoft Word.


We do not undertake to include non-text elements, e.g., graphics (logos, photographs, etc.) within our CVs, except for simple lines and boxes.


2.4 Limitation of Liability CV Writing:

Career Consulting & Solutions Ltd accepts no liability for the mis-use of CV products, by mis-representation of employment history, achievements etc, loss to employer after delivery. It is not our responsibility to validate employment details or to ensure accuracy of employment details other than those provided by the client for the purposes of the client. We accept no liability for false information provided by a client. We write CVs that represent you as a professional in your field, we do not, however, make any guarantees that you will get a job.


3. Service Specific Terms and Conditions 

3.1 LinkedIn Profile Writing: 

As part of our LinkedIn Profile Optimisation service, we give you a Word file with a full write-up of all the different parts of a LinkedIn Profile. This file can be easily copied and pasted into a live profile. We don't directly log in for our clients or create profiles on their behalf. This is a security measure to protect your personal information and keep your login credentials secret. We try to finish optimising your LinkedIn profile within 5 business days after you tell us that your CV is done. For LinkedIn pricing:


4 Interview Coaching;

For Interview Coaching pricing;

4.1 Limitation of Liability Interview Coaching:

Career Consulting & Solutions Ltd cannot guarantee the outcome of your interview. We are not liable for any costs, loss of revenue or indirect losses whatsoever as a result of using our Interview coaching services. We are not responsible for any results; job offers or lack of as a result of using our coaching services or following advice available on the website or through our coaches.

4.2 Interview Coaching Cancellation and Refunds

Rescheduled and cancelled coaching sessions with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged at the full rate.

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