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My name is Bubles Nek I am the founder of Career Consulting & Solutions Ltd and I am also your Principal Career Coach and Mentor. I have over the years fostered a deep understanding of the UK Job market and what hiring managers and recruiters look for in candidates. Having this knowledge, I have dedicated myself to help others have rewarding careers and land their dream jobs by providing them with ultimate tools and strategies necessary for them to reach their career aspiration.

While I focus mainly on career:  being qualified as an NLP Master Coach, NLP Practitioner enables me to help my clients adopt empowering mindsets; overcome anxiety, overcome limiting beliefs, and increase their confidence to achieve their professional and personal goals. In addition to the qualifications, I also believe that to have a successful career, it is critical to incorporate all aspects of life, guided by Biblical principles and promises that provide a solid foundation for both personal and professional fulfilment.


In addition to being a Career & Mindset Coach, I have extensive Business Consultant experience primarily in IT and Financial Services. I possess extensive CV writing skills, having written CVs for over 7 years. I am also an entrepreneur; I own two very successful businesses and I am an aspiring poet and author. I hold a BA (Hons) in English Language and Literature, PRINCE2® Project Management, Agile Business Analysis and Personnel Management & Recruitment qualifications.

I firmly believe that purpose and success are not just achievable; they are divinely promised to us as part of our calling in the marketplace. This belief drives my mission to help professionals transition into or secure high-paying jobs that resonate with their values and purpose. My goal is to inspire and empower others to excel in their careers without compromising their faith-based values, showing that our work can be an extension of our worship and commitment to God's Kingdom principles.


Career Counsellor

Recruitment and Selection

Master Coach of NLP

Master NLP Practitioner

Master Time Line Therapy™ 

Creating Your Future™

Master of Hypnosis


Journal Therapy


Member of the Association for NLP

Member of American Board of NLP

Member of Time Line Therapy™  Association

Member of American Board of Hypnotherapy

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