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Through coaching and  mentorship, we help professionals to navigate the job market and make powerful shifts in their careers. We increase their capacity for the Kingdom-driven impact, broaden their influence, and boost their finances so they can become exceptional stewards in the marketplace.


Guiding You to Create a fulfilling Life aligned with Your Values, Passion, and God's Purpose and Will for You.

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Signature Career Coaching

 Are you stuck in a Career rut or thinking about switching Careers? Are you ready to stop settling and break into a new industry with ease?  


Signature Career Coaching

Business Meeting
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Career Mentorship Programme

Are you anxious about navigating the employment market? Are you unsure of where and how to search for jobs? Do interviews make you anxious?


Career Mentorship Programme

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Interview Coaching

 Do Interviews cause you stress and anxiety? Do you need help building your confidence and acing any Interview? 


Interview Coaching

Job Interview
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CV & Cover Letter Writing Service

Do you need help writing an engaging ATS optimised CV that will help you stand-out and showcase you as an Achiever who delivers results?


CV & Cover Letter Writing Service

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Linkedin Profile Creation

Do you need help Creating or revamping your LinkedIn Profile to increase your chances of being found by Recruiters, Employers and potential Clients?


Linkedin Profile Creation

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Personal Statement Writing Service

Do you need help writing an engaging Personal Statement for Job applications or an Academic Personal Statement for University?


Personal Statement Writing Service



Are you among the 73% of UK professionals feeling underpaid and dissatisfied in your current role, or part of the 15% seeking a deeper sense of purpose in your career? With 9.8 million Britons actively searching for new job opportunities each day and the average employee considering a change every 3.5 years, it's evident that the quest for a fulfilling career is more urgent than ever.


Does this sound like your current situation? You're certainly not alone if you find yourself:

✅ Feeling undervalued and discontent in your current job.

✅ Searching for a role that offers a sense of purpose aligned with your faith.

✅Doubting your skills and struggling with confidence.

✅ Overwhelmed by the complexities of job hunting.

✅Uncertain about navigating the ever-changing job market.

✅Frustrated by constant job application rejections.

✅Unsure of the next steps after redundancy.

✅Recently Graduated and confused on what to do next.


If these challenges resonate with you, it's time for a change—a change towards a career that's not just a job, but a calling. In today's dynamic, competitive job market, aligning your professional aspirations with your faith and Kingdom-driven impact is more important than ever. This is where our unique approach to Career Coaching can make a significant difference.


Empower yourself to stand out. Discover tools and strategies that not only enhance your career prospects but also align with your spiritual values. Begin your journey towards a career that not only fulfils your professional goals but also serves a higher purpose. Let's work together to create a career path where your faith and professional aspirations go hand in hand, leading you to the fulfilling, Kingdom-driven career you are meant to have.








Career Consulting & Solutions Ltd stands as the leading service provider in the UK, specialising in comprehensive, 360-degree Career Coaching  Services. Our mission is to offer faith-based career coaching and consulting, empowering professionals to integrate Kingdom Principles into their career paths. We bring a wealth of expertise in Coaching, Guidance, and Mentorship, employing effective Tools and Strategies that help professionals in securing their dream jobs and excelling in their careers. We have a deep understanding of the job market and the latest trends in recruitment. This knowledge and experience enables us to provide unparalleled support in your professional journey, blending faith-based principles with practical career advancement techniques.


We take a holistic approach which includes helping individuals to overcome obstacles such as Anxiety, Fear, Lack of Confidence and Limiting Beliefs. We show them how to adopt an empowered mindset which enables them to design the amazing careers that – up until now – they’ve been unable to actualise.

We are a company that strongly believes that we are all created and endowed with great power and potential. We believe that with the right mindset, the right guidance you will BE more, DO more, HAVE more and EXPERIENCE more. You have the power to choose the career you want; and in so doing design and create the future you desire!

Career Consulting & Solutions Ltd has helped hundreds of Professionals; including Executives, Graduates and School Leavers land rewarding careers through Career Coaching, Mentorship, Interview Preparations, CV Writing, LinkedIn Profile Optimisation & Job Search Strategies. We are here to help you unleash your highest potential, gain confidence and land your dream job! 


What Our Clients Say

"I contacted them and got a swift response. Bubles was so kind to me and I will Never forget all the advice she gave me. I felt comfortable speaking to her. I got a professional CV and a cover letter and even questions to interviews. Thank you for your service and I am proud to always recommend to my friends."

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